Arri MB20 II Matte Box

1.00 QAR



Arri MB20 II Matte Box is designed for digital camcorders and is compatible with most lenses. It comes with 15mm bridge as well as 19mm bridge allowing for big and small setups. The kit includes:
  1. Matte box with two filter trays with attached lens element with rubber ring, 114mm adaptor ring and 19mm bar adaptor
  2. Top flag
  3. Bottom flag
  4. Left side flag
  5. Right side flag
  6. 15mm bar adaptor
  7. A pair of 12” long 19mm bars
  8. A pair of 18” long 19mm bars
  9. Lens adjustable element
  10. 82mm screw in donut
  11. 85mm screw in donut
  12. 87mm screw in donut
  13. 95mm screw in donut
  14. 110mm screw in donut
  15. 130-86mm flexi donut
  16. 130-87mm flexi donut
  17. 130-110mm flexi donut
  18. 130-114mm flexi donut
All packed in one carry case with wheels.