Extension Cables

1.00 QAR


Power distribution is available as follows:
  • 13A extension cabling 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 domestic, lightweight for small lighting options and industrial, heavy duty for big light setups
  • 13A extension drums
  • 16A extension cables
  • 32A extension cables
  • 63A (5 pin, three phase) extension cables
  • 13A to 16A & 16A to 13A jumpers
  • 16A to 32A & 32A to 16A jumpers
  • 16A splitter
  • 32A splitter
  • 13A dimmer units from 500W to 2500W
All the above cabling is available in lengths of up to 50 meters per piece. Multiple pieces of each item mentioned above are available to accommodate your production needs.