Panther Twister Dolly

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Panther Twister Dolly is equipped with rubber wheels and track wheels giving user flexibility as it can be used directly on the floor or on tracks. Wheels can be tilt to sides and operated with attached foldable push bar. Fixed push bar is also included for added flexibility of use and additional support. Dolly platform is equipped with 150mm bowl, allowing for low angle shooting and included in the kit are attachable side panels for wider working space. The kit contains hydraulic bazooka that can be fixed in the centre of the platform or on the side. Bowl adaptor can be attached on the top of bazooka and with two supplied offset brackets. Vario rig also included in the package allows for more offset combinations. Two sits are supplied along with seat arms 10, 20 and 30cm (4”, 8” and 10”) long, two of each, with four connecting pins. 100 to 150mm bowl adaptor ring makes the above setup usable with smaller 100mm bowl tripod heads. Available are also 2m or 1m long precision steel straight tracks or curved 22.5 degree tracks (8 pieces form full circle). The above kit comes along with leveler, wedges, pagininis, ¼, ½ and full apple boxes.