Sound Devices 744T Kit

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Sound Devices 744T 4-Channel Portable Audio Recorder with Time Code. It features 24-bit/192kHz recording in WAV, BWF, and MP3 formats and is equipped with 160GB internal hard drive as well as CF Card slot (32GB CF card supplied in the kit). It powers of Sony NP batteries (two included in the kit along with dual NP battery charger). Kit includes analogue and digital connectors such as: two XLR (male to female) cables, two female mini XLR to male XLR cables, two female mini XLR to female XLR cables, BNC cable, FireWire 800 cable, C. Link cable XL-1394 power conditioner plus Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Studio Headphones. Supplied are also Boom Mic Kit with Sennheiser MKH 416 P40 Mic and two Sennhesier G3 Radio Mics. All is contained in one Pelican case.